1. Admission Requirements

Since the year 2000, the law course at the University of Ghana is characterized as a second first degree course. This means that entrants to the law faculty must possess a Degree from a “recognized university”. By “recognized university”, we mean a University that is accredited by the appropriate body in the country where the University operates its main business as a University.

2. Promotion Requirements from Level 300 to 400

a. Pass:A student is deemed to have passed, if he/she has a minimum of 30 credits and a maximum of 42 credits of core courses and electives at the end of Level 300.

b. Withdrawal: A student who does not pass as prescribed by (2a) shall be asked by the Registrar to withdraw from the University.

3. Requirements for Graduation (LLB)

A student shall be deemed to have satisfied the requirements for graduation if:

i. He/she has satisfied all General University and Faculty requirements;

ii. He/she has accumulated a minimum of 72 credits, including all core courses;

iii. He/she must not have failed any of core courses (where failure means a grade below C);

iv. He/she must not have failed more than 12 credits of elective courses (where failure means a grade below C).