Kweku Ainuson



Dr.Kweku Ainuson earned his PhD in Public Policy with Distinction from Clemson, South Carolina, USA. He is also a Lawyer by Profession and was awarded his Professional certificate of Law by the Ghana School of Law as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Ghana in 2003. Dr. Ainuson earned his Bachelor of Laws degree from University of Ghana. He consults with AB LexMall and Associates. Prior to joining University of Ghana he was an assistant Professor with Mississippi State University where he taught, PHD, MA/MPPA as well as BA Classes. He has also been a visiting Lecturer at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at Clemson University, USA. He has also worked as a researcher with the City of Conway, South Carolina, USA as well as a Research Assistant with Clemson University in the United States.


Research Statement/ Interest: 

  • Natural Resource Law
  • Company Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Commercial Law and Torts
  • Overview of the Institutional Framework for the Management of Oil and Gas Industry in Ghana. UGLJ 2016.
  • The Law and Politics of Urban Water Supply in Ghana (Book length manuscript – forthcoming in 2012)
  • The Hamburg Rules: Did it Increase the Liability of the Carrier? (2009) Lambert Academic Publishing AG &Co. KG (A book on the international legal regime on carriage of goods by sea)
  • Ainuson, K. Overview of the Institutional Framework for the Management of Oil and Gas Industry in Ghana, University of Ghana Law Journal, UG, Legon, Vol XXVIII2015, PP.85-103
  • Gardner, A., Duff, N., Ainuson, K., & Manteaw, S., Regulating Mining Water Use and Impact in Ghana: Comparing Australian and Ghanaian Laws for Reform Ideas” IM4DC Action Report. July 2015, available at


Peer Reviewed Articles

  • Nepotism or Pragmatism: Using Ethnicity and Regional Affiliation as Criteria to Staff African Bureaucracies. (Submitted to African Studies Quarterly)
  • Cross National Variation in Female Representation in African Parliaments. (Revised and resubmitted to Journal of Culture and African Women Studies)
  • Interest Group Politics in Post Democratic Ghana. (Revise and resubmit – Journal of Modern African Studies)
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  • Ainuson, K, & Ulbig S. G. (2008) “Core Curriculum & General Education: Meeting our Challenges with Innovative Tools.” PS: Political Science & Politics 41(3): 620-622.