Mrs. Clara Kasser-Tee



Clara Kasser-Tee is the founder and current Head of Kasser Law Firm. She is a member of the Ghana Bar Association and has publications on Oil and Gas Law, Environmental Law and Regulation, Taxation, Business Law, Institutional Assessment and Anti-Corruption.
Clara Kasser-Tee graduated at the top of her class at the Ghana School of Law and is a recipient of the prestigious John Mensah Sarbah Prize given to the best overall graduating law student. She also won the award for the best student in the Law of Taxation in 2009.
In March, 2010, Clara was chosen by the Campaign for Female Education (Camfed), an international non- governmental organization as its role model for its Career and Entrepreneurship Fair, organized for young women.
Clara has held the positions of Chairperson of the Student Representative Council (SRC) Judicial Committee of the Ghana School of Law, Chairperson of the Volta Hall Seminar Committee and a Justice of the Legon SRC Court of Justice, and Chairperson for the GIMPA Law School Seminars and Conferences Committee, among others. She is currently editorial member of the Legon Journal of International Affairs and Diplomacy and Board Member of the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD), among others.
Clara has, among other things, developed a concept to improve tax collection in Ghana, using existing facilities such as the courts, which has been approved by the Ghana Judicial Service and the Ghana Revenue Authority.
Clara contributes to legal education, political and institutional development through several engagements with the media and the Ghana Revenue Authority on relevant national issues. She has earned the respect and trust of the public, (including members of the judiciary, the Ghana Bar, other public and private institutions and the
general public) who openly praise her in- depth knowledge of the law, and professionalism. Many consider her an inspiration.
  •  LLM, (Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  •  BL- Ghana School of Law, Accra, Ghana
  •  LLB- University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana
  •  BA (Philosophy and English) - University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana
  • Business Law
  • Law of Taxation
  • Immoveable Property


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