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Library Regulations

Failure to return borrowed books and related materials on due dates Loss or misplacement of books and related material Unlawful acquisition of books and related material Mutilation of books and related material Failure to return books or related material on demand Concealment of recommended material in the Library Removal of recommended material from usual place of display.


The following shall constitute Library Offences

Library Offences and Sanctions


These regulations have been drawn up to protect the interest of all Library users and Library property.

Readers may not enter the office of the Librarian or go behind the staff counter except by express invitation of a member of the Library Staff Silence is to be observed at all times except when making an enquiry at the staff counter. Smoking, eating and drinking are forbidden in all parts of the Library. Bags, gowns, raincoats, umbrellas, cases, cameras, etc. must be left at the entrance in the built-in almirah and shelves provided for this purpose. Everybody leaving the Library should submit himself/herself to a mandatory check by the duty assistant. Mobile phones should not be used in the Library. They should be switched off.