Dr. Abdallah Ali-Nakyea

Senior Lecturer



Dr. Abdallah Ali-Nakyea is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Law, University of Ghana. He has over 28 years of extensive experience in Consultancy, Taxation, Accounting, Auditing and Law. He holds a B.A. (Hons) in Economics with Philosophy, a MPhil in Economics, and a Post-First-degree Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), all from the University of Ghana; a Qualifying Certificate for the practice of law (QCL). from the Ghana School of Law and a PhD in Tax Policy from the University of Pretoria. He is a member of the Ghana Bar Association, the Institute of Chartered Accountants (Ghana), the Institute of Internal Auditors (Ghana), the South African Institute of Tax Professionals and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (Ghana). He teaches the Law of Taxation; and Commercial Law (LLB Programme), and Fiscal Dimensions of Oil & Gas; Functional Law; and Comparative Institutions of Government and Administration (LLM Programme). He also teaches Taxation (B. Sc. Administration programme) and Taxes and Business Strategy (MBA & MSc Finance programmes) at the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS), University of Ghana, Legon. He is the author of the book Taxation in Ghana: Principles, Practice & Planning and a co-author with Dr. Benjamin Kunbuor and William Kofi Owusu Demitia of the book Law of Taxation in Ghana. He is also a co-author with Dr. Samuel Addo of the book Public Sector Economics and Finance. He also has co-authored two (2) book chapters and eight (9) articles. He is a Director of Ali-Nakyea & Associates, a firm of Tax Attorneys, Solicitors and Consultants in Accra.


  • PhD (Tax Policy) – University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa
  • Qualifying Certificate for the Practice of Law (QCL) – Ghana School of Law, Accra
  • Post First Degree LLB- University of Ghana, Legon, Accra
  • MPhil (Economics) – University of Ghana, Legon, Accra
  • BA (Economics with Philosophy) - University of Ghana, Legon, Accra


  • Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Taxation (Ghana) (FCIT)
  • Member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants (Ghana) (CA(GH))
  • Member of The South African Institute of Tax Professionals (MTP(SA))
  • Member of the Ghana Bar Association
  • Member of the Institute of Internal Auditors


  • Law of Taxation
  • Fiscal Dimensions of Oil & Gas Law
  • Natural Resources Law
  • Company Law
  • International Investment Law
  • International Trade Law
  • Law of Contract
  • Administrative Law
  • Commercial law



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Refereed Book Chapters

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Published Books

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