Dr. Benjamin Kunbuor




Dr. Benjamin Kunbuor is a lecturer with the University of Ghana School of Law who has years of enviable experience working with the Government of Ghana. Dr. Kunbuor has served as the Director of Operations of the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice as well as a Minister of State and Member of Parliament. He has publications to his credit in Decentralization and Land Administration, the Geography of Law, Human Rights in Ghana, and the Law of Taxation in Ghana. He previously taught Constitutional and Administrative Law at the University of Warwick Law School in the United Kingdom, and also taught the Law and Practice of Taxation at the Ghana School of Law.


  • PhD- University of Warwick Law School, UK
  • LLM- University of Warwick Law School, UK
  • BL- Ghana School of Law, Accra, Ghana
  • LLB- University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana


  • Law and Development
  • Law of Taxation
  • Security Sector Governance



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