Prof. C. Dowuona-Hammond

Associate Professor



Prof. Christine Dowuona-Hammond is an Associate Professor at the School of Law, University of Ghana and the Managing Partner of Hammond Law Company, a Legal Consultancy firm in Ghana which specializes in Legal Research, Policy Analysis and Development Consultancy Services. She has been a Legal Consultant to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) on its project, Harmonization of Business Laws in Non-OHADA States and has conducted several research studies commissioned by the Government of Ghana, Carnegie Foundation, the World Bank, UNDP, DANIDA and GIZ.


  • LLM – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
  • BL – Ghana School of Law, Accra, Ghana
  • LLB – University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana


  • Contract Law and Negotiation
  • Consumer Law and Policy
  • Land and Natural Resource Law and Policy
  • Gender, Law and Development
  • Human Rights, Law and Policy


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