As part of efforts to seamlessly implement the University of Ghana School of Law's (UGSoL) strategic objectives 1, 2, and 4, which are precisely aligned with the University's Strategic Priorities 2 and 5 (Teaching and Learning and Institutional Processes), the School organized a three-day retreat to dialogue with some key officers of the College of Humanities in order to receive their maximum support. The retreat was held at the Forest Hotel, Dodowa from Friday, March 4 to Sunday, March 6, 2022.

The aim was to discuss some of the key issues that confront the School in implementing some of its strategic objectives and seek solutions from the selected key officers. The Dean presented the School's Strategic Plan Implementation Framework to the officers, after which they took turns to present their best practices and how they could best assist in resolving the issues and the implementation of the objectives set out.

In attendance were the Dean, School Administrator, Accounts Officer and National Service Person in the Administrator’s Office. The other officers were Finance Officer, Financial Accountant, Management Accountant, Internal Auditor, Materials Officer, Facilities Manager, (College of Humanities) and Students Accounts Officer (Central Administration).

The three-day retreat was a huge success, with all major stakeholders making presentations on their preparedness to assist the School to achieve all its goals, as well as discussing some other issues that would benefit the School and the University at large.